Bungee Jumping-Bhote Koshi - 2 Days

Bungee Jump in Nepal is quite popular for foreign tourist and young stars of Nepal It’s great thrills and also a dangerous game . Bungee jump is only for check braveness and makes the limit of scary. Here are some of the adventurous Bungee jump locations of Nepal that you can read before you tie your bags for the Bungee.

The ultimate thrill of Bunjee jumping is offered at one of the best sites in the world. Neplal’s bungee jumping sites is situated 160 meters over the raging Bhote Koshi River in the northern part of the country. The site is located close to the Nepal-China border at Bharabise and is 3-hours bus ride from Kathmandu. A Package deal includes the jump, bus ride to the site and meals. Nepalese are entitled to a 30% discount. Accommodation and other facilities are available in Barabise.

  • Location: 8 hours far from Kathmandu
  • The Gorge: suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi River.
  • Seasons: Sep-Nov and Mar-May.
  • The Bridge: Privately owned Bridge designed as per the Swiss measurement, 4x safety factor which has the loading factor of 4.5 tons.
Day 1
Drive Kathmandu to Bhotekoshi

Travel Duration Time Eight Hours in Day Kathmandu To Reach Bhotekoshi.

Day 2
Bunjee Jump

we will then enjoy a beautiful few mile hike to the bridge ,spend the afternoon bungee jumping, and return on the few mile hike back ,arriving at your transport just before dark. Bunjee jump and back to kathmandu.

price includes

  • Transportation/Accomodation/ time meal

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • insurance, visa charge and international airfare.
How fit do i need to be to do this bungee jump?

Before you go bungee jump confirmed you have not heart disease, high blood pressure,orthopedic problems,neurological ,epilepsy and pregnancy.

What is the age limit for bungee jumping?

You must be 18 years old to bungee jump without parental consent. If you are less than 18 years old you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or have written consent by the parent or legal guardian.

What is the height of this bungee jump?

Bungee jumping at the height of 160 meters over the Bhote Koshi River, in the eastern part of Nepal near Tibet Border, is one of the thrilling adventure sports in Nepal.

Why does a bungee jumper eventually stop moving?

The gravitational force is almost exactly constant throughout the jump. During the bungee jumper’s fall, he or she also experiences a force due to air resistance. The faster the jumper is falling, the more the air resistance pushes back opposite to the direction of motion through the air.

Is bungee jumping safe?

Based on this short comparison, bungee jump is safer than skydiving. But in fact, they are both very safe if performed correctly – and could be very dangerous if performed in the wrong way. Bungee jumping is fun for a while, but then you tend to get too used to it quite fast.

How long does it take?

A day of bungee jumping is a full day adventure . we will meet us at at your designate meeting time. we will then enjoy a beautiful few mile hike to the bridge,spend the afternoon bungee jumping, and return on the few mile hike back ,arriving at your transport just before dark.

What should I wear while Bungee Jumping?

Thin, athletic clothing works great. shoes or no shoes is your choice for over 20 years all of the best photos have been taken of people wearing brightly colored clothing.

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Bungee Jumping-Bhote Koshi
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